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Welcome to OpenFPGA.org

Welcome to OpenFPGA!

OpenFPGA comprises a consortium of organizations aiming to foster and accelerate the incorporation of reconfigurable computing technology in high-performance and enterprise applications. Organized as a non-profit entity, OpenPFGA is serving the worldwide community through the activities of working groups, technology discussions, mailing lists and collaborative development of best practices and industry standards in reconfigurable computing. An initiative which started in 2004, spearheaded with leadership by an international cross-sector steering group and support of the University of Dayton, the consortium is shaping the world of reconfigurable computing. Presently, through the mailing list, working groups and other avenues, OpenFPGA includes participation from over 200 organizations spanning 40 countries worldwide.

A free email list service is provided by OpenFPGA and the associated OpenAccelerator inititative. Click here to sign-up to be on the FREE email list.

Engineering Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms (ERSA) 2012 Conference Adds Commercial Focus

November 2011 ERSA 2012 is scheduled for July 16-19, 2012 Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada as part of WorldComp.

In 2012, ERSA brings a new emphasis to the commercial and industrial challengs in preparing applications for systems utilizing reconfigurable technology. Commercial submissions for presentations and papers may include discussions on challenges, tools, development strategies, solutions, methodologies and product demonstrations. ERSA 2012 is part of the International WorldComp Conference hosting over 20 disciplines with several thousand attendees from across the world.

Sponsor ERSA 2012 and show your support for advancing reconfigurable systems and algorithms in both academic and commercial applications. Click here for more details!

The 2012 OpenFPGA Award in Advancing Reconfigurable Computing Standards

November 2011 The annual OpenFPGA award recognizes efforts that advances the aim to improve standards and interoperability in reconfigurable computing. First awarded in 2008 as part of the High Performance Reconfigurable Computing Technologies and Applications Workshop, this award continues to recognize and give visibility to key efforts making it increasingly possible to utilize standards in developing applications involving reconfigurable technologies. This year, the award expands and goes global, opening for nominations from the international community to recognize efforts occurring worldwide in this key area. Nominations will be accepted through March of 2012 for advances made in 2011. Details on the application nd nomination process will be distributed through the OpenFPGA and Open Accelerator mailing lists and websites.

Past OpenFPGA Award Winners

2010 - Investigating Resilient High Performance Reconfigurable Computing with Minimally-Invasive System Monitoring. Bin Huang, Andrew Schmidt, Ashwin Mendon and Ron Sass (University of North Carolina Charlotte)

2009- Bridging Parallel and Reconfigurable Computing with Multilevel PGAS and SHMEM+, V. Aggarwal, A. George, K. Yalamanchili, C. Yoon, H. Lam, G. Stitt (University of Florida)

2008 - MPI as an Abstraction for Software-Hardware interaction in HPRCs. Manuel Saldaa, Arun Patel, Christopher Madill, Daniel Nunes, Danyao Wang, Henry Styles, Andrew Putnam, and Paul Chow. Ralph Wittig (University of Toronto, Xilinx)

Join the Open Accelerator Developers Network!

November 2011 The Open Accelerator Registry for Accelerated Computing serves as a public resource to exchange information on developments in the rapidly developing field of accelerated computing. By serving as a registry, the site unifies commercial and academic advances in accelerated computing. Joining the Open Accelerator Developers Network is totally free, simply by signing up at the Open Accelerator website . Developers of accelerated computing technologies can readily register and post their latest articles, benchmarks, components and other advances in accelerated computing. Join the growing global community and make your and your organization's contributions visible worldwide with a submission today!

OpenFPGA General FPGA API Version 0.4

In October 2008, the OpenFPGA GenAPI working group has created a draft General FPGA API for preliminary public comment. The draft specification version 0.4, developed with significant vendor, community and member input, provides a specification for a cross-vendor and generally portable API for incorporating FPGA technology in end-user applications and libraries.  Reviewed during the OpenFPGA Forum at the Reconfigurable Systems Summer Institute held July 7-9, 2008 at NCSA, the draft specification delivers a base set of functionality for accelerating applications with FPGA technologies. Comment is sought to guide final refinement of the specification prior to ratification by OpenFPGA members. The entire draft document may be downloaded at the Standards Updates section of the OpenFPGA website.

Be sure to visit the Standards Updates section for the latest developments.

OpenFPGA Establishes Reconfigurable Computing Validation Resource

OpenFPGA, SRC Computers and the University of Dayton together have established a shared resource for development and validation of reconfigurable computing applications. Located at the University of Dayton, the new laboratory provides access to the latest SRC technology, the SRC-7, for OpenFPGA members developing applications for reconfigurable computing systems. With support from IDCAST, the center for Integrated Development and Comercialization of Advance Sensor Technology, the facility is rapidly becoming a community asset for development of standards compliant reconfigurable computing applications. Interested parties should contact Bill Turri at the University of Dayton for more details.

Icon2008-April The University of Dayton and OpenFPGA Establish New Training and Validation Center for Tomorrow’s Computers
Icon2006-May OpenFPGA Consortium Incorporates, Names Board of Directors
Icon2006-Nov AMD Becomes OpenFPGA First Cornerstone Sponsor
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